At El-Sawy Holdings we are able to assist charities, whether you are a small charity or a large multi-national charity or an NGO working overseas.

Financial Services

We can help your business mitigate and manage by identifying any potential risks from operational, legal and regulatory risks to financial, information, strategic or personnel risks.


El-Sawy Holdings have a deep understanding of the commercial and operational dynamics of industrial segment. We can create solutions for companies with equipment, building products, chemicals, packaging and a wide range of other services to capitalize on trends and focus on high potential growth initiatives.

Media & Technology

El-Sawy Holdings take immense pride in our technology & media achievements. We are able to look at a vast spectrum in the sector from consultancy to specialising in audio visual, IT, security and intelligent building systems.


El-Sawy Holdings provide strategic advice If you are looking to acquire or dispose of assets, manage or enhance the value of your portfolios. Our knowledge and focus on delivery and the fact that everything we do is designed to help you achieve your goals.


We can help retailers overcome business challenges and exploit opportunities.El-Sawy Holdings provide the expertise that helps retailers and brands analyse existing organisational issues, develop plans for growth and keep improving performance.

Travel & Tourism

El-Sawy Holdings works with travel and tourism companies to integrate sustainability into their business. We add value and can assist whether you’re a start-up or an established business.